Alice Hui-Sheng Chang


I am an artist from Taiwan and have been working with voice, sound and improvisation since 2003. I have developed my own way of working with voice, exploring in the area that is neither working with text or melody.

I believe that each person’s voice is linked to their unique way of being and communicating. In these social exchange and self discovery of vocal sounds, one’s principle personality is heightened. Our bodily sensations or inexpressible feelings can also find an immediate existence through voice and be allow to be engaged by oneself or the others.

Some workshop content might draws from my interest below:

  • Mediums – vocal sound (mainly without text or melody), body movement and sensations, site-responsive acoustic and spatial quality, recorded and amplified sound, etc.
  • Materials – personal experience, dreams, mythical, tales, legends or songs.
  • Genres – cross between experimental music, improvisation theatre, performance art, soundscape / contemporary composition, sound poetry and radio play, sound bath / sound massage.
  • Experience for participants – sound and body awareness and stimulation, forming expressions for the inexpressible emotions and feelings, communal sharing and collective telling of individual resonances.
  • Potential participants – people who is interested in working with their own voice; or people who struggle to find their voice to be heard.

I have degrees in Media Arts & Master of Fine Arts (Sound Art) from RMIT (2005/2006), and Master of Arts by Supervision from the MIECAT Institute (2014).

I have facilitated and supported many programs in the field of the arts, performance, professional development, disability, youth and babies.

Some related links:

Babies and children’s workshop at Art Play (2013/2014)

  • Vocal Group Workshop – performances

It’s all about what’s not there. — a performance of vocal experiment (2008)

she was still, we were waiting. (2006)

  • Audience Participation events

Flock, when trees shake and the sky drops (2010)

Vocal Boat sounding tours – You are invited to row a boat and make some noise. (2005)

Alice’s Artist Website


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