Testimonial of Body Tunes with Lisa and Alice
I was very pleased to attend the workshop with Alice and Lisa.
I love the creativity and embodiedness of the work and feel that there is potential for profound and deep healing using the body and voice in concert in this way. I find it to be new, original and daring, I recommend it for those seeking authentic expression, and self awareness/knowledge.
Thank you again,
Sara L.


Testimonial of Body Tunes with Lisa and Alice
Alice and Lisa provided a free, safe and comfortable environment devoid of judgement and all about exploration, curiosity, self-connection and adventure. The exercises we were guided through provided simple and supportive structures for expression through a connection between voice and body-movement, and I left feeling interested in and inspired by this previously quite forgotten about relationship
Luara K.


Testimonial of Dream Embodiment with Alice
In Alice’s dream work, I yelled, swore, hissed and cried uncontrollably as a way of expressing the emotions my dreams had brought with them. Having those thoughts, feelings, sounds and images witnessed and recorded was a marvelous intimate thing. The symbolic dream motives have travelled with me and I’ve come to new understandings and appreciation about the value of creatively exploring my dreams. Alice facilitated this process with skill, humour, tact and empathy. Hearing my own recorded voice and sound making was fascinating. I hadn’t realised how brilliant my own thoughts were until Alice played them back to me. I feel transformed and more open to experiencing a joyful life.
Julie T.

Testimonial of  Voice as therapeutic medium with Alice
I had the pleasure of a one on one workshop with Alice exploring the voice as therapeutic medium. Alice has a lovely ability to work in a very respectful, extremely engaging but also fun way. It was an interesting and revealing process to follow the voice and sound wherever it led. An integrative part of the process surprised me in revealing a repetitive pattern in my way of expressing myself and responding to both others and my own voice. This is a pattern that has been expressing itself through dreams for some time as well and so I believe that the exploration through voice and sound somehow for me taps into a less conscious and different realm. A thought-provoking and gentle process with Alice as a committed and skillful companion.



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