Dream Embodiment workshop

Dream Embodiment

adventuring intimately via voice and creative arts

with Alice Hui-Sheng Chang

Do you dream?

Would you like to explore your dreams and share them through creative mediums?

Dream Embodiment is a workshop exploring your nighttime dream experiences using voice, body, visual arts, objects and other art mediums.

You are invited to inquire into your own dreams through multi-modal art forms in a safe and supported environment.

2015 winder series dates and venue to be announced soon, expression of interest welcome

5-week 3-hour workshop series, all art material included

Maximum of 5 places available for the group.

Email booking and enquires: alice@huishengchang.com

No prior experience of arts, voice and movement required. Suits all dreamers.

About Alice Hui-Sheng Chang

(MA-Experiential and Creative Arts Practice, MIECAT; MFA-Sound Art, RMIT)

I am a vocalist and sound artist, practicing locally and internationally since 2003. My passion in working with human voice is the exploration of sounds outside of conventional language and melody. I have conducted vocal group workshops since 2006. As an artist, I have published and performed with dream materials inspired by myself and others.

In 2013, I conducted Dream Embodiment as part of my practice-led research at MIECAT, I completed a thesis with the same title in 2014. I am passionate about sharing my experience and enabling others to explore the connection between voice and dream.

Link to DREAM EMBODIMENT Thesis: http://www.huishengchang.com/dream_embodiment.html


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