Current workshops

Current workshops

Voice as therapeutic medium at MATS – Sat. 9th May 2015

Shades of Silence – vocal improvisation workshop at Cecil Street – Sun. 3rd May & 14th June 2015

Shades of silence (intimate edition) at Cecil Street – by appointments

Dream Embodiment – adventuring intimately via voice and creative arts – winter 2015


What do I expect in a Body Tunes session?

Body Tunes– is a fun and relaxed space for those who would love to dance and express yourselves creatiively but feel they can’t. (You can!) We  uphold a non-judegemental space for everyone in the group who like to express, play and move creatively.

Each session begins with a series of warm-ups. These help you  tune in to your body while increasing flexibility and softness in the body – releasing physical, emotional and mental stress.

Through the use of different kinds of art medium and imagery,  you will be gently guided to tune in to your creative and expressive self.

You may follow the inner voice of your body  to move and express yourself. It may be walking, gliding, hopping, rolling, springing, closing, openning and lengthening… any movement can become part of the language that gives your body its voice.

You will be guided to  explore your senses – following impulses, exploring your imagination, dreams, stories and emotions –all  in a safe and contained environment.
Don’t worry if you think you can’t dance and express yourself like a professional! The focus is on feeling the qualities, textures and shapes of your movements.

The emphasis is on learning about your body/self in a new way and expressing this with new depth and vitality. It will help you have a break through from repeatitive patterns of thinking and behaviour.

When we tune into our body, it opens up potential for healing, and new insight for ourselves. Spontaneous drawing /journaling  is then used to integrate the experience. Taking the time to journal what comes into your awareness while moving provides a space for reflection. You can then connect the new insight into your life.

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Start by listening to the sounds of your body while moving.
They are closest to you and establish the first dialogue between you and the environment….
with your voice or your footsteps for instance,
you are ‘talking’ to your environment which then in turn responds
by giving your sounds a specific acoustic quality.

(Westerkamp, 2007, p. 50)


One ventures from home on the thread of a tune.
Along sonorous, gestural, motor lines
that mark the customary path of a child
and graft themselves onto
or begin to bud “lines of drift”
with different loops, knots, speeds,
movements, gestures, and sonorities.

(Deleuze & Guattari, 1987, pp. 311-312)